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VITAS Hospice

VITAS Hospice For more than 30 years, VITAS Innovative Hospice Care® has been a leader in the American hospice movement, helping define the standards of care for hospice and ensure that terminally ill patients and their families have ready access to compassionate and effective end-of-life care through Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance. VITAS offers people choices. Our team of hospice experts works to ease the discomfort, fears and high expense that can accompany incurable illness. We help preserve dignity. VITAS provides care for adult and pediatric patients with a wide range of life-limiting illnesses, including but not limited to cancer; heart disease; stroke; lung, liver and kidney disease; multiple sclerosis; ALS, Alzheimer’s and AIDS. When medical treatments cannot cure a disease, VITAS can do a great deal to control pain, reduce anxiety, and provide medical, spiritual and emotional comfort to patients and their families. As the leading provider of end-of-life care, VITAS is dedicated to expanding the choices available to the terminally ill and their families, and to providing a kind of care that cannot be duplicated by other providers.


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